Important Considerations before Designing a Diet Plan

There are some important considerations, to be made in order to design a diet plan. To consider any diet plan or to implement any diet plan, knowing these factors, can help in better implementation and understanding. The better we understand these considerations, the better result can be expected from the diet plans.

Genetic Factors

Genetic factors like height, skin texture, body pattern, etc, are important criterion for selection. People with more height, may require different diet plan, when compared to those, whose height is less.

Few other factors like body shape, size, etc, might actually be influenced by the parent’s genes. A person who is genetically fat, can try all means like workout, exercise, yoga, diet, etc, but there will be hardly any effect seen on his weight. Such people should avoid trying too many procedures and just concentrate on being fit, rather than looking slim and handsome.

Bone Weight

A person to weigh more has two reasons. A person may weigh more, because his body has lot of accumulated fat and carbohydrates, which have resulted into increased weight of that person. In this case, workouts, exercises and diets can significantly help in reducing weight and increasing fitness and activeness of that person.

The other reason is that, the person might naturally be heavy by weight. Few people are either born heavy or they gain excessive weight after a particular age, such people are affected with heavy bone weight concerns. Such people should not experiment too much with respect to diet and exercise.


Age is an important factor as different food habits are adapted at various stages of life. Dieting should be avoided for children below the age of 16 years. Excessive dieting can lead to malnutrition in children. While women and men, between the age of 20 years and 45 years, should give special consideration for dieting. They generally have an extensive routine to follow diet strictly in order to remain fit and healthy in that age group. Excessive dieting in women can lead to weakness and other health concerns.

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Factors to be Ignored when Selecting a Diet Program

There are some various essential factors, which are to be ignored, before selecting a diet program. The diet program is largely dependent on lifestyle, genetic factors, and health factors. A diet program is largely based on the user’s objective. There are different approaches, for different objectives.

People use dieting programs, without actively researching about it or consulting a proper nutritionist. A diet plan, which may be excellent for an individual, might not be that effective for another. This is because, all individuals are different. Every individual has his/her own objectives and requirements and thus, the diet plan should be customized, according to the needs of each individual.

Read genuine articles and not advertisement letters

People should trust only the articles, providing knowledge about true research and, not the articles promoting their products and services. People read lot of advertisement letters, instead of informative articles. This is what misguides them. They should consider articles written by top nutritionist and experts only.

Superstars, not here please!

People should not blindly follow the routines or diet programs of their favorite superstars. Their objectives and their requirements are completely different to ours and their diet programs should not influence ours as we are unique. People should not blindly adopt the health product or service, endorsed by their superstar. They should first, ascertain the quality and the utility of it, before buying it.

Dieting does not mean being hungry

Diet does not mean not eating or skipping meals. My personal experience has made me feel that, a lot of people do not eat, in the name of diet plan. Skipping meals can be a serious threat to health. It is extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of stomach and intestine problems. Nutritionists suggest people to eat food 5 times a day, out of which, 3 have to be heavy ones.

Supporting Factors to a Diet Program

A diet program by itself is not self sufficient enough, to fulfill all objectives of an individual. There are certain supporting programs or activities, which make a diet program more effective. Some of these supporting activities may be optional, while some are extremely important and are next to mandatory.

It would be worthy enough to collect information, about these supporting activities, as they might be a boon for you and might help you in attaining your objectives.


Walking is extremely essential. Walking should be done, without considering the age factor. It has lot of benefits. When done in the morning, it helps in respiration and better functioning of body parts and brain. Walking, after diet can help in burning excess calories. It’s a compulsory exercise for elderly people. It is something that, they can do with minimum effort and it will benefit them largely.

Aerobics and Yoga

Younger generation and people in the age group of 20 years to 45 years need to conduct this exercise regularly. These exercises, not only allow the diet programs to show their effect, but also relax the body and mind of an individual. It develops immunity to stress, diseases, distraction, etc. It is the best, supporting factor to the diet programs.

High Involvement in sports

Playing sport provides an active mind and a healthy body. Sport is one of the easy ways to burn calories and develop fitness and stamina. Diet programs can be better implemented to a person involved in sports, because his/her mind and body are open towards the supplements of diet. The rate of acceptance from the body increases, because of increase in fitness of body and relaxation of mind.

People, who feel exercising is boring, can play outdoor games as they engage them for longer time. People are more likely to play sports than to exercise and sports develop both mind and body equally. Various sports may include Baseball, Swimming, Cricket, Basket Ball, etc. Amongst all Basket Ball is the most recommended game as it increases metabolism the most.